Oily wastewater purification plant "Stetfield"

Period: 1995
Customer: Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD 3.255 million
Source: debt funding
Description: The complex implements newest English technology based on thermo-chemical processing of oily water mixture and gravitation separation of oily water emulsion. Implementation of the project has ensured a high level of oil waste clearing; the possibility of waste outflow in coastal zone of Caspian Sea is completely excluded. Due to the return of caught oil waste to production line, the input of raw material at Turkmenbashi refinery and the output of oil products increase accordingly. Volume of oil wastes processing in "Stetfield" depends on volumes of refining of crude oil at Turkmenbashi refinery. Average monthly output of oil products is about 4 - 5 thou-sand metric tons.

Exploitation: "Stetfield" is exploited according to Agreement on joint environmental activity between Turkmenbashi refinery and Emerol Ltd.  The agreement is registered in the State raw material and commodity exchange of Turkmenistan and has passed expertise at the State Agency for the foreign investments at the President of Turkmenistan with assignment of register number. This joint cooperation ensures an all-up solution of ecological problems, as well as receiving of the padding source of finance from oil wastes. This additional financial source allows to perform deep reconstruction and upgrade of technological facilities at  Turkmenbashi Oil refinery and Ufra Oil terminal. Emerol Ltd. is a general contractor in these projects.

Reconstruction of Primary oil processing Plants AT-1, ELOU-AT-2 and AT-3 at Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery

Period: 2001-2002
Customer: Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD 3.997 million
Source: applied financial scheme provided advanced financial support for all works at the expense of Emerol Ltd. and attracted investments from the third parties thus covering the delivery costs of refined products after putting the object in operation
Description: Modernization of technological scheme of plants, optimization of oil refining process, updating of morally and physically out-of-date equipment, implementation of microprocessor and computer facilities based control and automatic emergency protection system, advancement of power supply system. Implementation of technological scheme meeting modern standards has provided significant reduction of consumption of energy carriers per 1 ton of processed raw material on plants.

Construction of storage tank farm at oil deposit of Eastern Cheleken Balkan Velayat

Period: 2002
Customer: consortium Khazar
Investments: USD 0.65 million
Description: turnkey basis construction of four water and crude oil storage tanks with total capacity 4,000 cub. m. at oil deposit of Eastern Cheleken in 2002.

Renovation of Prolonged coking plant UZK-2

Period: current
Customer: Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD 42.2 million
Source: own means and attracted Emerol's investments with the subsequent project cost compensation by deliveries of coke.
Description: large scale project of modernization of Prolonged coking plant UZK-2, which is one of the most significant objects in technological scheme of the refinery, providing processing of tar in light oil products with simultaneous manufacture of coke. Modernization were lead by updated patented technology from Foster Weeler company  (USA), which is the global scale leader in development of \"know-how\" of coke manufacturing. Project implementation will ensure flexible changes in structure of oil products made on plant by means of optimal working parameters.

Construction of Modular boiler complex with desalinization plant at the Ufra reloading terminal

Period: 1999
Customer:  State Trade Corporation "Turkmenneftegaz"
Investments: USD 6,5 million
Description: Steam Boiler Complex with Desalination Plant at Ufra Oil Terminal in Turkmenbashi. Operational capacity of the complex is 40 tons of steam and 35 tons of fresh water per hour. The advanced technologies and equipment from USA, Italy and Sweden were used in the construction of Boiler Complex and Desalination Plant.

Renovation of vacuum plant VT-1 at Turkmenbashi refinery

Period: 2000
Customer: Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD 5.8 million
Source:  applied financial scheme provided advanced financial support for all works at the expense of Emerol Ltd. and attracted investments from  Pado Oil company thus covering the delivery costs  of refined products after putting the object in operation
Description: Modernization of technological plant VT-1 provided introduction to new, adequate modern standards. This allows a considerable reduction of steam consumption and cancels dependence of technological plant from unstable steam feeding.

The high-voltage transforming substation with the switching center was constructed in framework of the project in order to provide stable power supply of vacuum plant and accompanying installations. Assembling of storage tank farm for condensate of total capacity 12,000 cub. m. (4 tanks of 3,000 cub. m. each) was completed to gather store and distribute water condensate to technological installments of the refinery. Use of new technology in pace of project implementation considerably reduces harmful pollution and ecological industrial wastes.

Reconstruction of catalytic cracking plant "1A-1M"

Period: 1997-1999
Customer:  Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD 4,7 million
Description: reconstruction and overall repair of catalytic cracking plant (1-1) at the Turkmenbashi refinery. Project was fulfilled in two stages. Compressor facilities of the refinery were repaired at the same time. The delivery of necessary machinery, materials and components was generally implemented from Russian factories - suppliers.

Complex renovation program of existing technological installations at Turkmenbashi refinery

Period: 2002-2003
Customer: Turkmenbashi refinery
Investments: USD27.31 million (1st stage)
Description: Complex program on improvement of ecological conditions in environment at Turkmenbashi refinery and in coastal zone of Caspian Sea. Up to now, in frames of this project the company has put forward following issues  - construction of new purifying facilities, reconstruction of water drain and turnaround water supply systems, clearing of subsoil waters from oil wastes, recycling of oil slims, as well as implementation of  complex  research works under the project on restoration of natural resources of a bay adjoined to the refinery. The engineering specifications of 2nd stage of environmental projects are developed by experts of the company, alongside with performance of 1st stage research works.

Environmental projects
- Prevention of oil waste pollution in Caspian Sea;
- Construction of new purification plants;
- Deep reagent  methodology for oil waste clearing in subsoil  levels;
- Development of technology and means for carbon steam waste decrease.
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