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Emerol Limited (registered in Ireland) is an engineering company operating since 1993. The main competence of the company is engineering and industrial construction in the field of oil exploration and refining, oil product terminals and logistics, oil and gas pipelines, environmental projects related to the oil and gas industry, etc. The total cost of the projects implemented so far by Emerol exceeds 150 mln. USD.

The main clients of Emerol in Turkmenistan are state-owned enterprises and ministries, such as Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery (located at the coast of the Caspian Sea), TurkmenOil (oil exploration in the Western region of the country), Turkmen Oil and Gas Construction, Ministry of Construction of Turkmenistan, etc. In addition, Emerol has well-established relationship with private companies operating in Turkmenistan, like Technip, Itochu, etc.

Emerol has a strong presence in the region with two main operating offices in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi. The company has staff of 180 employees (on a permanent basis) with expansion capability of up to 500 employees during peak-load.

Overall implementation of the projects is coordinated from Riga and Moscow offices of the company, where Engineering, Procurement, R&D departments are located. Presently, company's existing manufacturing, warehousing and logistics facilities (including construction equipment and machinery), which are located in Moscow region (as an interim hub) and on-site in Turkmenbashi, make up the overall capacity of up to 100 mln. USD in construction works per annum.

The main competitive advantage of Emerol in Turkmenistan is a unique synergy of western experience and technological advance combined with expertise of specialized labor and manufacturers from Russia and other CIS countries, which allow implementing highly sophisticated projects at a lower cost base. Strategic cooperation with such well-known engineering companies, like Foster Wheeler, ABB, Flowserve, etc., and established versatile network of contractors from Russia and CIS countries, including research and design institutes like VNIPI-Neft, LenGIPROneftehim, etc., proved its efficiency for our customers' needs.

For the time being, Emerol has been successful in establishing strong brand and positive recognition in the region.

Besides projects where Emerol is engaged as the general contractor, there are also different projects related to production of basalt based construction materials and insulation, in which Emerol operates as the main investor and the owner of manufacturing facilities.


  • Process Units reconstruction and storage tanks construction at Mazheikiai Oil Refinery (Lithuania, 1993).
  • Technical audit and reconstruction of storage tanks in Vnukovo Airport (Russia, 1997).
  • Construction project at Arman Oil Field in Kazakhstan (1997-1999).
  • Reconstruction of storage tanks for Domodedovo Jet Services, Domodedovo Airport (Russia, 1999).
  • "Turn-key" construction of Boiler Complex with Desalination Plant at Ufra Oil Terminal (Turkmenistan, 1999).
  • Engineering and construction of Flare System for Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery (Turkmenistan, 2000).
  • Construction of manufacturing facilities for production of basalt fiber insulation materials (Turkmenistan, 2003.).
  • Engineering, procurement and construction of Atmospheric Unit with desalter ELOU-AT-2 with processing capacity of 2 mln. tons of crude per year (Turkmenistan, 2002).
  • Overall reconstruction of Delayed Coker Unit UZK-3 at Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery (Turkmenistan, 2005).
  • Engineering and reconstruction of green coke calcinating unit UPNK-2 at Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery (Turkmenistan, 2005).
  • Technical supervision and Project Management Consultancy for reconstruction of Delayed Coker Unit UZK-2 at Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery (Turkmenistan, 2008).
  • Engineering, procurement and "turn-key" construction of Atmospheric Unit with desalter ELOU-AT-6 with processing capacity of 2.5 mln. tons of crude per year (Turkmenistan, 2008).

"EMEROL Limited" (Dublin, Ireland) is a member of the group of companies which integrates more than 20 enterprises in different regions of CIS, as well as all over the world. EMEROL Group of Companies has a number of subdivisions including project design, development of project documentation, procurement, marketing, assembly and installation, maintenance and repair, construction, environmental remediation. Such diversified structure enables the Group of Companies to support stable business performance at the market of Oil and Gas Industry.

The Group of Companies EMEROL is very actively working in Turkmenistan since 1993. The sphere of main activities at this market is the industrial construction in oil and gas industry, in chemical industry, oil and oil products trading and transportation, as well as related environmental projects.

In order to realize projects in Turkmenistan and to provide them with the complicated metal constructions, technological equipment, tools, materials, etc., the company uses the adjusted connections with reliable vendors from various regions of nearest CIS countries, Russia, Europe, Central Asian and Persian Gulf area.

Directly on-site in Turkmenbashi the company has universal work base equipped with all necessary production facilities, vehicles, warehouses, workshops and etc. The pattern of work base allows to provide mobility and agility at implementation of construction, starting-up and adjustment operations on industrial objects.

Organizational pattern of the company "EMEROL Ltd." in Turkmenistan is the following:
Affiliated Office in Ashgabat;
On-site Office in Turkmenbashi;
Wholly Owned Subsidiary "Emerol-Turkmenbashi" in Turkmenbashi.

  Emerol Ltd, Taney Hall, Eglinton Terrace, Dundrum, Dublin14, Ireland.
Tel.: +353 1 298 79 26. Fax: +353 1 298 84 09.
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